DV MB Winds/Drums/Cymbals,

Please find and print your part from the Stand Tunes Page for the Fight Songs for Alabama and Clemson. I will need you to have your own part printed and ready by this Monday (1/4). I understand the Alabama music is letter-size and we will have to get creative with our flip-folders.

(Baritones: “Firsts” – print Tbone 1. “Seconds” – print Baritone. “Thirds” – print Tbone 2/3.)

– Every wind player (brass and woodwinds) will need to have a flip folder AND lyre. (Tubas do not need a lyre.)

– Rehearsals:
*Mon, 1/4 – 3:30-4:30pm
*Thurs, 1/7 – 3:30-4:30pm

– Gig: Friday, 1/8 – Times: TBA. (We may miss some of the school day.)

Lastly, in addition to practicing these parts, please listen and study these recordings of the respective Fight Songs:

Happy New Year!!

See you soon!

Josh Thye