Dear Guard Program hopefuls,
We wanted to reach out to you with an update to our Guard/Winter Guard program. The following is from Mr Keith Casey, our Guard Caption Head. This decision has been carefully considered the past 2 seasons. I completely support Mr Casey and his vision for the program. I know this may be a change in philosophy and implementation for us, but I truly believe this will allow the Guard program to take the ‘next step’. (This is already in effect for the top Guard programs across the region/national scene.) Thank you so much for your support!

Josh Thye

Desert Vista Fall Color Guard/Winter Guard Policy Change for the 2017-18 season:

The 2018-19 season will mark a huge milestone for the Desert Vista guard program. In the winter of 2019, the Desert Vista Winterguard will be competing at the Winter Guard International Championships in Dayton, OH.

With this opportunity, it is crucial our students are properly trained with the appropriate skill sets to adequately prepare them over the course of the next two seasons. The skill sets implemented in the summer are designed to improve our technical proficiency, thus allowing us to add to the degree of difficulty during the winter within our program.

At the start of the winter season, those basic skill sets are enhanced by increasing the level of difficulty. This allows those students who have put in the time over the summer and fall to continue being challenged with newer, more varied tasks in the winter as their level progresses.

When members attempt to join mid-season, it creates an unfair environment for the members who have committed from the start of the season (summer training). They now have restrictions placed on their learning of enhanced skills for the winter since all training has to stay at the basic level to accommodate the mid-season additions to program.

Instead of moving forward with enhanced skills for the winter season, the fall members are now in review mode. Furthermore, it also puts us at a huge disadvantage when we attempt to compete on the national level with only basic skills at our disposal.

Given this situation, we must make some policy changes to ensure our students are given the best possible vehicle for success when we make our debut on the national stage.

As a result, the following changes will be made starting with the 2017-18 season:
​* The Desert Vista Guard is considered a YEAR-ROUND program.
​* Winterguard participants MUST march the fall season prior in the guard.