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Congratulations to the New Members of the 2018-2019 Wind Ensemble!

Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned. I am humbled at the amount of time and preparation that was evident in every audition that I heard. This program is as strong as it is because of you all. Please keep it up – your hard work is an example for the entire program.
Thank you for making these decisions difficult for me!

Mr Thye

2018-2019 WE New Members

Taylor Loske, flute
Natalie Schuler, flute
Evelyn Brannen, clarinet
Jessica Condon, clarinet
Theresa Miceli, bass clarinet
Natalie VanderLey, oboe
Ashaya Stewart, bassoon
Robert Dolny, alto sax
Ty Parker, alto sax
Megan Neil, tenor sax
Adam Barbour, tenor sax

Drew Cape, trumpet
Ronan Gray, trumpet
Nathan Zhang, horn
Grey Barlay, horn
Martin Fuller, horn
Tabish Shaik, horn
Ben Vasey, trombone
Mia Saxon, trombone
Connor Hought, bass trombone
Luke Sulzen, euphonium
Matt Parker, tuba