Drum Majors:


Joseph Young

Zoe Clevinger


Vice President

Martin Lippincott
Rachel Rhoades
Jessica Peebles


Public Relations
Equipment Manger

Sara Janis
Emily Morton
Jack Smith
Nori Matsushita
Diana Kemmer

Section Leaders:

Woodwind Line Captain:
Selena Ryan


Bethany Henthorne
Jessica Peebles

Megan Kashuba

Alto Sax:
Bradley Prieto
Dylan Kirkeeng


Tenor Sax:
Jake Hockenberger

Bari Sax:
(Greg Thompson)

Guard-insetKelly Baker
(*There will be additional ‘squad leaders’)

Brass Line Captain:
Taylor Angilletta


Taylor Angilletta
Claire O’Brien

Rachel Rhoades

Roman Sandoval
Kirby Kuznia


Brianna Kent

DrumLineTristan Sears

Front Ensemble:
Matt Worth
Jordan Gotwalt

To every individual that applied for a leadership position, thank you so very much. I was humbled when reading through so many wonderful applications. I am amazed at the maturity, creativity, and organization of the leadership hopefuls. I wish I could express how hard these decisions are to make. I truly wrestle with the decision for each and every position. There are people not on this list that ARE leaders in this band. I, unfortunately, have only so many positions/titles. Please remember that being a leader and being influential in this program does not always take a title. I can tell you of some of my favorite and most respected upperclassmen that never had a title. I call this the “Tehvon” category! Your role in this program is as important as ever. Please, please do not quit. The titles are a very small piece of the overall leadership of this band. The fact that you put the time in to apply tells me something about you. You ARE a leader, and special to me. I will treat you as such.

To those that were selected:
Your job is to become above reproach in every aspect of this art form. You need to be the strongest and the most hard-working. You need to make EVERYONE feel important and work to incorporate every Senior into your leadership style. Do not brag. Be humble. Now – you will be less as others around you – more.

To those that were not selected:
Please be honest with me as you process this. I understand that I may have hurt your feelings, and I hate that. I want you to know how much I respect you. If you can, please support the person that I have chosen. Make them better. This entire program is about TEAM. We work hard to help each other. I value you – please believe me. I really don’t want to lose you… Let’s do this together.

Thank you again to everyone who applied. I truly enjoyed (often times reading through tears) your heartfelt essays and wonderful creative projects. This year is going to be amazing!

ALL Applicants: Please see me by 24 May to confirm your attendance for the AZ Leadership Conference (at Dobson HS, Mesa) – June 9 – 11, 2016. Thanks!!
(You only pay $25 – check payable to ‘DVBB’)