The Rolling Thunder

The Band Roadies are a group of parents & alumni who volunteer their time, strength and energy to transport the Thunder Marching Band’s equipment to wherever it is needed.

What do Band Roadies do?

♣ We help move pit instruments (xylophones, marimbas, timpani, bells, etc.) and equipment (speakers, podiums, etc.) on and off the field at football games and marching competitions.

♣ We transport all of the instruments and supporting equipment to away football games and marching competitions.

♣ We also fix things around the band room to try to preserve the equipment, extending its useful life.

♣ You’ll see us on the track at halftime (home games), before games (away) and during competitions.

♣ You’ll see us driving trucks and pulling trailers.

How do I join?
Simply contact Tim Kelley at and let us know you’re interested!