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What are the DVBB Committees?
What do they do?

Some committees are active all year.
Some are one time events.
Some are limited to Marching Band (MB), and some support the whole program.
Whatever your interests and talents are, we have a place for you!

Program Support
Bus Chaperones
For in state travel only. Check students onto buses and ride with them to football games, competitions and festivals. Chaperones are needed for both marching band and concert bands. Note: Chaperones must pass the District Clearance process.
Color Guard
Help coordinate activities for the Color Guard, including measuring and laundering uniforms.
First Aid
First aiders are needed to accompany the band to games, competitions and on any out of state trip. First aid certified helpful, but not required.
Fun (MB)
Coordinate fun activities for students throughout the marching season, including activities for all-day rehearsals, ice cream following select practices, etc.
Help serve snacks and/or meals for students, staff and judges when needed at all-day rehearsals, pre-games, competitions, DV hosted events such as Solo & Ensemble Festival, etc.
Mentoring (MB)
Out reach at the start of each season by “veteran” band parents to the new families, helping them understand what is happening in the program and what to expect.
Music & Arts Nights
Work with Music & Arts music store at the various Middle School Nights. Music & Arts rents music equipment to the band kids. Volunteers earn store credit (not actual cash) with Music & Arts for DV Band to use for equipment, repair, music, etc.
Help with fitting uniforms (for length only) to students, hand-sewn hemming and sewing buttons.
Sound System (MB)
Set up audio system for band director to be heard by Marching Band while in the stands.
Spirit Sales
Sell band items (t-shirts, totes, etc.) during home football games and band events.
Roadies (MB)
Move instruments and equipment onto and off of trucks for all away performances, including band camp, football games and competitions. Move equipment between band room and stadium for all home performances. Assist front ensemble onto the track at all performances.
Uniforms (Concert)
Help with assigning and fitting students with concert uniform, and altering uniforms for length. Each student in Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble is assigned a tux or dress, provided by the school. Uniform assigning/fitting is all done in one week, 1st and 2nd hour of school. Uniform alteration/hemming is completed at home, before the 1st concert. Volunteer for fitting, alterations, or both.
Uniforms (Marching)
Assist with fitting and altering marching uniforms prior to marching season. Assist students with getting and returning uniforms before and after all performances.
Water (MB)
Transport and distribute water to ensure that all students and staff have plenty of water to drink at all performances, trips and all-day rehearsals.

General Volunteer
Someone we can call on to help with activities that do not fall into any of the above groups! Help with special events, such as Senior Recognition Night, Solo & Ensemble Festival, car washes, etc.

Concert Support
Concert Cookies
Help set up, serve cookies, and clean up after each of the 4 Performance Ensemble concerts. Cookies are donated by the general band population.
Concert Programs
Work with band Directors and Sponsorship Team to prepare cover, layout, student participants and sponsor ads for programs for each concert during the year. Submit to Tempe Union print shop for printing and folding. Pass out programs at concerts.

Special Events
Band Banquet
This end of the year event is for all Band Program students. Involves selecting a menu, invitations, decorations, raffle items, auction items, awards, programs, etc.
Band Camp (MB)
This committee is selected by the Band Director. Coordinates all aspects of Band Camp, including transportation, lodging, food, etc. Chaperones must be available for the 6 days of band camp to travel to Heber with the students, have been approved by the district and school as a volunteer, supervise the students and assist the staff as required during the week.
California Trip (MB)
This committee is selected by the Band Director. Coordinate all aspects of the California Trip, including transportation, lodging, theme park access, food, etc. Chaperones must be available for the 3 days of trip to travel to CA with the students, have been approved by the district and school as a volunteer, supervise the students and assist the staff as required.
Senior Recognition Dinner (MB)
With Mr. Thye. Coordinate restaurant dinner and evening activity (e.g. Main Event, bowling, etc)
for band seniors and staff.
Senior Recognition Night (MB)
Seniors and their families receive recognition during one of the home football games. Order engraved medals, email invitations, write announcer’s script, collect photo of senior in uniform and make a keepsake (pin, medallion, magnet, etc.) from photo, check in families, line up seniors and help Mr. Thye hand out medals.
Desert Vista Invitational: Thunder in the Hills MB
Help coordinate marching band competition held at DV. This event involves several sub-committees, including escorting bands, hospitality, concessions, stand usher, program sales, parking and more.
AMEA Regional Auditions
Help coordinate this ABODA event held at DV in January. This event involves several sub-committees, including student check in, hospitality, concessions, and more.

Coordinate recruitment activities for the Marching Band and Band Program in general, including Middle School Night, attending middle school concerts, supporting AYB, DV Open House, Easter Parade donuts, and new member camps. Serve as primary source of communication to middle school students and parents from the Band Program on behalf of the Director.
Provide band activity information to local news media.
Video and Photos
Photograph or video record band performances and events. Photos and videos are shared via band website.
Web Administrator
Manage and update our website (ThunderBand.org) and social media accounts.

AZ Ironman Booth
In 2011 the band adopted an aid station at the Ironman race held in Tempe in Nov. Volunteers cheer, provide encouragement & hand out water bottles. If we get enough volunteers to staff the booth we receive $750. Additional “best booth” opportunities can increase our earnings.
Band “Wishes”
Help advertise and sell “wishes” to be printed in the football program. Deadline is July so wishes can be submitted to Football Program Committee for printing.
Car Wash
Help organize 1-2 car washes at local parking lots, staffed by booster parents and students.
Sell concession items at home football games on the north side (“band side”) where the band spirit items are located. Also sell concessions at various events during the school year (e.g. Regional Auditions) as needed.
Year End Video (MB)
Produce a compilation of marching band events that have occurred throughout the year – band camp, football game performances, competitions, etc. – using video & photos, distributed at the Banquet.
Employer Programs
Research local company programs that will grant money to our organization based on their employee earning volunteer hours or other criteria.
Goodwill Donations
Coordinate a donation event with Goodwill. Advertise to band families, school and community. Goodwill picks up collected items and band receives payment.
Grant Applications
Help research and complete any possible grants which would supply funds or materials to our band program.
Grocery Loyalty Programs
Advertise and maintain earning programs with participating merchants.
Holiday Sales
A combination of items sold at one time: Candles, Cookie Dough, Poinsettia, etc. Teams organize sale, collect orders and arrange delivery of items.
Miscellaneous Donations
Seeks donations for miscellaneous items as needed. This could be for such things as water, paper, toners, Kleenex, prop material, repair supplies, etc.
Movie Night
Work with the local theater, select a movie, plan, promote, and handle ticket sales for a DVBB “Movie Night”.
50/50 Raffle – Sell raffle tickets at HOME DV Football games, at the front gate area and the stands. Money is counted before half time and then the winning ticket is drawn. Winner receives 1/2 the money collected.
Band Banquet – Solicit items from the community and assemble them for the banquet. Plan the pre-sale and sale of raffle tickets, including the night of the banquet. Select the winners and distribute the raffle items. (Works under the Band Banquet Committee.)
Recycling Cell Phones, Ink and Toner Cartridges
Collect and process donated ink cartridges, toners and cell phones.
Restaurant Nights
Arrange with local restaurants dates and terms for fundraiser nights where a percentage of sales is paid to DVBB.
Solicit local businesses for band sponsorships – several monetary levels available. Band Sponsorship is for the full school year, and may be a cash or in-kind sponsorship.