Holiday Fundraising:
★ Candles
★ Cookie Dough
★ Poinsettia
Ongoing Fundraising Programs:
Frys Grocery Rewards Card

★ Shopping on Amazon? Go to Amazon’s site by clicking on any Amazon link on our website and complete your purchase within 24hrs.

★ Recycle Cell Phones, Ink & Toner Cartridges

What is Fundraising?
Fundraising is programs and activities that raise money not provided through fees or school/district allocations to help support the entire band program.
Why do we Fundraise?
Fundraising for the band program is needed to keep the band fees low, help to repair and replace equipment/uniforms, provide funds for unexpected expenses and allow for growth in the band.

★ We value our local businesses, and appreciate their support of the Desert Vista Thunder Band through yearly sponsorships, vendor opportunities at home events, in-kind donation opportunities, and Family Nights at local restaurants and movie theaters.

★ We are grateful to our families, friends and neighbors who support the Desert Vista Thunder Band at our social events such as Car Washes, Family Dinner Nights and Movie Nights.

★ We offer “No Cost” programs that indirectly provide financial support to the Desert Vista Thunder Band through the Amazon Associates Program, Grocery Loyal Cards, Employee Volunteer Matching and Recycling Programs.