3700 S Arizona Ave, Chandler, Arizona 85248
Please review the
2017 Solo Ensemble Welcome Letter,
2017 Solo Ensemble Schedule Hamilton Site,
2017 Solo Ensemble Map Hamilton Site and
2017 Solo Ensemble Map Hamilton Site Zoom for Rooms.

Please park in the south parking lot, enter the building using the glass doors that face south, and check-in at the auditorium lobby to the right (across from the gymnasium).
All check-in for the event will take place in the auditorium lobby where additional maps and friendly helpers can assist you.

• Pianos will be in all of the performance rooms.
• Solo literature that is published with accompaniment MUST BE ACCOMPANIED WHEN PERFORMED. Students are allowed to use recorded accompaniments providing he or she provides their own equipment.
• Students must provide an original score with all measures numbered.
• Students should be dressed professionally for their performance (attire/appearance will have an effect on their overall performance scoring).
• The following time limits include entering the room, tuning, performing, and clearing the room: 10-minute time limit for solos and small ensembles; 15-minute time limit for large ensembles (minimum of 10 and maximum of 24 members).
• Verbal comments from the adjudicator be provided only if time permits within the performance time limits. The students will receive the written commentary at the conclusion of the festival.

Best of luck to all performers!