– Concert Band  – you will eat lunch during 4th Lunch (wear or bring uniform to school)

– Concert Band: excused Periods 4-7
– Symphonic Band: excused Period 7

2018 03 05 Area Concert Festival 18 (Gilbert HS site) rev2 (as of Mar 3)

 Note:  ‘Normal’ Concert Black attire 
(Men: Long BLACK socks and black shoes! (& Black Tie))

  • You are responsible for your own equipment, all day.
  • Please do not leave your music folder on the bus or the trailer.

– Percussion: Please create a list of equipment (cymbals, S.D., ‘aux’, etc.) and mallets/beaters/sticks. Coordinate between the other ensembles.
(Site will only provide: Timpani, B.D., Tam, Vibes, Marimba, Xylo., Bells, and Chimes)
*Large instruments will come back on the trailer, and will be unloaded into the Band Rm. around 7pm.